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For the creation and decoration of interiors, DEVITRO Europa manufactures products of the highest quality and with the most advanced technology.

Decorative glass for walls, floors and ceilings in homes, offices, commercial premises and buildings, as well as for other auxiliary elements and furniture of different types.

Residential Use

– Glass worktops, tables, washbasins and doors for glass kitchen units.

– Bath and shower screens and room dividers.

– Coloured or fantasy mirrors.

– Glass-lined cupboard doors, columns, bathtubs and walls.

– Handrails.

– Leaded, Tiffany’s-style or fusing glass.

Commercial Use

– Doors.

– Window dressing elements (lacquered glass cubes, open shelving, etc.).

– Furniture.

– Mirrors.

– Decoration with printed, decorated or lacquered glass.

– Wardrobes.

– Floors, walls, ceilings and columns.

Industrial use

– Dividing partitions for offices and offices.

– Display cabinets.

– Roofs and ceilings.

– Wall and floor coverings.

– Counters.

– Lifts.

– Lifts.

– Lifts.

– Lifts.

– Lifts.

– Lifts.

– Lifts.

– Lifts.

Glass is made from a mixture of quartz sand, soda and lime. These 3 elements are melted in a furnace at very high temperatures, approximately 1,400ºC to 1,600ºC.

The result of this melting is a vitreous paste that undergoes a variety of hot processes.

The result of this melting is a vitreous paste that undergoes various hot forming techniques, i.e. techniques to shape it.

At Devitro we manufacture made-to-measure glass for any use:

Devitro glassware

residential use

commercial use

commercial use

commercial use


industrial use

industrial use

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