Physical protection, acoustics and solar control in Granada

Glass insulation and protection

For insulation, a wide range of glasses are manufactured, which used in glazing, as well as allowing the design and aesthetic enhancement of the facades, can achieve different degrees of reflection and transmission, both light and energy, enabling an infinite number of optimal combinations of design, insulation, physical and/or acoustic protection, solar control, etc.

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Specialists in insulation and protection

Insulation and solar protection systems with glass solutions are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. Thanks to electronics and advances in home automation, systems are becoming more complex and intelligent, making people’s lives easier.

The use of louvres, louvres and louvres is one of the fundamental elements in the construction and decoration of spaces. Whether it is a functional or decorative feature, it is an indispensable element. The contribution of glass to this type of product has created more efficient and environmentally conscious solutions.

The degree of sophistication and performance nowadays makes glass insulation and glass protectors a first class product in any type of construction.



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