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Characteristics of safety glass

Safety glass combines the concepts of safety and protection, which means that safety glass protects people from injury in the event of accidents and protects goods and property from theft, vandalism and breakage.

At first glance, the glasses are all the same, but one of the main differences occurs when the glass breaks; monolithic glass breaks into pieces with highly sharp and therefore dangerous edges and vertices, which greatly conditions its possible applications, hence the need to laminate or temper it, or laminate and heat-strengthen it to extend its range of applications.

The two types of safety glass most commonly used in building and interior architecture are toughened glass and laminated glass.

How to use and use of safety glass

In addition, this type of glass is often used, due to its specific characteristics, in schools, sports centres, homes and buildings with large windows, as well as roof and ceiling glazing.

Large windows, glazed facades and other applications, such as balustrades or handrails, floors or glass stairs, require the use of laminated glass as well as, for doors or furniture, the use of tempered or toughened and laminated glass.

Laminated or safety glass is one of the most widely used elements in construction. Its high demand has led to a great development in its shapes and finishes, creating endless possibilities.

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