Holds, connects and closes any glass installation

DEVITRO Europe uses and distributes a wide range of glass fittings and accessories:

  • Toughened glass façade systems
  • Glass door hinges
  • Steel locks, handles and knobs
  • Locks, handles and knobs in steel
  • Glass connectors
  • .

  • Glass connectors
  • Steel handrail systems
  • Steel railing systems
  • Automatic glass doors
  • Automatic glass doors
  • Automatic glass doors
  • Automatic glass doors

Additional glass systems

Different styles, formats and functionalities to hold, connect and close any type of glass installation, from systems for tempered glass facades to hinges, handles, locks, knobs and connectors for bathroom partitions and screens as well as shelf holders, doors and sliding doors.

High quality glass accessories

Discover a wide range of complements or accessories for glass products such as sliding doors, wall lights, locks, shower screens, mirrors, door hardware.

This is the perfect product to complete our installations with guarantees, as we have a range of high quality products, with all the guarantees of functionality and design for all types of installation.

For personalised attention on glass fittings, we recommend visiting our shop in Granada or contacting our specialists.

Do you want to see projects we have carried out

Do not hesitate to contact us to request information about ‘Accessories for Glass’. A specialist will attend you and evaluate the needs of your project in order to offer you an interesting proposal within your budget.

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