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Discover our team of specialists in glass and glass installations in Malaga At DEVITRO EUROPA we offer commercial installations of a wide variety of glass for shops and homes. So whether you are looking for a wonderful shop front, a spectacular glass shop window or the ideal decoration for your home, we have the solution. 

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Specialists in the manufacture, installation, fitting and replacement of glass.


We know how to manufacture your ideas. We talk and give shape to your dreams.

Glass Installation

Don’t look for half-baked solutions. We take care of everything.

Maintenance and Replacement

Our commitment to the customer goes beyond manufacturing and installation.


Being a manufacturer allows us to go where others cannot.

Tailor-made glass

Tell us what you need and we will adjust your idea to the space available.

Design and Decoration

We design and decorate your home and business. We have the best team.

Glass for all tastes and needs


At DEVITRO Europa we install glass in interiors and exteriors as this is a great resource and gives very creative solutions.

Glass for all tastes and needs.

We always have different types of glass available, such as tempered glass and laminated glass. Read on to see the differences between them.

Your Glassware in Malaga

We offer you the best glass installation service in Malaga. Our long history has allowed us to participate as specialists in glass and glass throughout Spain. A comprehensive and personalised service available to all customers.

Tempered glass has allowed us to improve the safety of glazed installations, which is why it is widely used in the façades of commercial premises.

Bathroom partitions also stand out, to divide environments, in worktops, doors, showcases, displays and environments close to heat sources.

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Commercial glass installations in Malaga

We are specialists in commercial glass installations in the province of Malaga. We love to create and decorate environments with a material as flexible as glass. The possibilities are endless. If you can imagine it, we can help you create it.


For example, laminated glass is customisable and therefore highly decorative, equally suitable for use in both domestic and commercial applications.

We can help you create your own glass.

Through the process of lamination, they produce an image or colour that is clearly visible from the outside but seems to disappear when viewed from the inside.

They can be used in both domestic and commercial applications.

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