Architecture, security and comfort in Granada

Glass as architecture

As an architectural concept, glass and its use, defines forms and creates spaces, providing safety, comfort and settings for living. Much more than a building material, glass adds value to our environment, both exterior and interior.

Today’s construction cannot be understood without this material, which is so essential to achieve beauty and luminosity in buildings, both inside and outside. Thanks to glass, decorators and architects have managed to create more welcoming and harmonious environments, which otherwise would not be possible.

Exterior construction and safety

Architectural roofs, curtain walls, façades, skylights, skylights, canopies… glass curtains, railings and balconies, entrances, floors, stairs, steps…

The architecture of residential spaces has been enriched thanks to the extensive use of glass, where it is essential to use it correctly, taking into account its performance and safety to protect people and objects in any space. Glass is undoubtedly the material with the best performance at the moment in terms of comfort and safety. Glass is light, it is life.

Exterior glass services that we offer



Consult our solutions in exterior enclosures for buildings and industrial premises.


We enhance the finish of your building with a glass enclosure. Consult the options.


Residential, commercial or hospitality. We adapt to all sizes, tastes and qualities.


Extend the horizon of your balcony and install glass balustrades. Safety and beauty.


Let the light invade your home or business with a window to the sky. See options.


Sport, decorative, informative… We install the glass and all the necessary fittings.


Glass finishes with different metals and materials. Safety, protection and insulation.

Shop windows

On the street or in large shopping centres. Display your products in complete safety.


Both exterior and interior, home and business, in safety glass and with anti-scratch protection.


Enhance with light and colour the stairs of your home and business with coloured glass stair treads.


Wide variety of designs and textures for corridors, stairs and hallways.
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