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Printed glass is a flat, decorative, colourless or translucent glass obtained through an engraving printed on the surface of one side of the glass.

Through these flat, translucent and normally colourless glasses, a magnificent light diffusion is obtained, but the texture provides a certain intimacy or privacy that is convenient in certain circumstances or environments (bath or shower screens, room dividers, doors, furniture, partitions, etc.).

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Types of printed glass

It is a translucent glass printed in relief. It is obtained by passing the glass, in a fluid state, between two cylinders that engrave a design.

It consists of a smooth side and an etched side, varying in thickness. The view through the glass can be adjusted according to the model.

Printed glass offers benefits such as:


Exclusive design: great variety in its designs, which give way to the renovation of printed glass, thus proposing unique textures.

Light and intimacy: thanks to its translucent nature, it allows light to be trapped and played with, guaranteeing at the same time optimum luminosity, while at the same time conserving the intimacy of the space.

Aesthetics and safety: the glass in the printed range can be tempered or laminated. This provides greater security, especially in public spaces.


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