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Acid-etched or sand-etched frosted glass is a decorative glass used for the purpose of achieving a blurred or blurred vision through the glass. Matting is a treatment given to glass. It can be done on any type of flat glass, monolithic or tempered, laminated, double, clear or parsol.

It can be cut, bevelled, curved, drilled, tempered and laminated. It is an ideal element for the most diverse applications, from the traditional to the most modern designs, both in the furniture industry and in interior and exterior decoration.

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Features of Matt Glass

It has become a key element in today’s decoration, creating elegant and light, luminous and suggestive spaces, making it possible to incorporate it in the most traditional applications to the most avant-garde designs, being used in a wide range of styles.

Roughness is the surface appearance of acid-etched glass.
 It has a silky appearance and a soft touch.

Easy to clean.

Can be cut, bevelled, curved and drilled.

Can be tempered: flat or curved.

It can be painted and screen printed.

It can also be laminated, silvered and matted on both sides.


Frequent uses



In handrails, lift shafts and other glazed areas, protecting differences in levels, floors, furniture, partitions, wardrobe fronts, bathroom partitions, offices…


All types of enclosures, windows, skylights, skylights, skylights, walkable elements…





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