Glass and crystal as a fundamental decorative element

Interior decoration with glass

In interior decoration and glass craftsmanship, there is a magic that must be treated with delicacy and its greatness lies in the fact that it offers an infinite range of solutions to satisfy the emotional needs and aesthetic demands existing today.

DEVITRO Europe knows glass and works to provide comprehensive solutions tailored to the individual needs of its customers. So that both the professional and the individual can find the answer to their glass requirements.

This glass is created from digital images. Exactly reproducing virtually any design you want to put on glass. An image that will not be damaged and will remain unalterable over time. Digital printing allows a wide variety of transparency levels to be created on a single pane of glass.

Digital printing

Some of the advantages of digital printing on glass are:

– Durability outdoors thanks to UV inks.

– Printing in large sizes.

– Multiple finishes varying in transparency, translucency or gloss.

Any design that the client wishes to make on a glass surface can be carried out. Thanks to the latest technologies in digital printing.

Whatever design the customer wishes to make on a glass surface, we can do it.

Matt Glass
Screen Printed Glass
Stained glass
Printed Glass
Digital Glass Printing
Stained Glass and Smoked Glass
Decorative Laminates
Painted Glass and Lacquered Glass
Curved Glass

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Residential Use

  • Glass worktops, tables, washbasins and doors for glass kitchen units.
  • Bath and shower enclosures and room dividers.
  • Coloured or fantasy mirrors.
  • Cabinet doors, columns, bathtubs and walls lined with glass.
  • Bannisters.
  • Lead, tiffany’s or fusing style stained glass.

Commercial Use

  • Doors.
  • Elements for window dressing (lacquered glass cubes, open shelves, etc).
  • Furniture.
  • Mirrors.
  • Decoration with printed, decorated or lacquered glass.
  • Cabinets.
  • Floors, walls, ceilings and columns.

Industrial Use

  • Dividing screens for offices and offices.
  • Display cabinets.
  • Coverings and roofs.
  • Wall and floor coverings.
  • Display cabinets.
  • Lifts.

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