Arriving in Malaga

Devitro Europa has arrived in Malaga to give the people of Malaga the best glassware and glass service. Come and visit us and we will advise you without obligation.

Contagion protection

Protective screen for retail outlets suitable for customer service, perfect for customer service counters and as a protective barrier on office desks. To provide protection and at the same time be able to maintain communication with the user.



It is scratch resistant and does not lose its transparency over time, available in various colours and sizes. We also manufacture to measure.

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Architectural roofs, curtain walls, façades, skylights, skylights, canopies… glass curtains, railings and balconies…


Solutions for banisters, stairs, floors, partitions, corridors, doors, wall cladding, opaque glass surfaces; tables, furniture…


DEVITRO Europe knows glass and works to provide comprehensive solutions tailored to the individual needs of its customers.


Commercial flat glass, monolithic glass, solar control glass, double insulating glass, laminated glass, tempered and heat strengthened glass, lacquered…

Our services


We know how to manufacture your ideas. We talk and give shape to your dreams.


Being a manufacturer allows us to go where others cannot.

Design and Decoration

We design and decorate your home and business. We have the best team.

Glass Installation

Don’t look for half-baked solutions. We take care of everything.

Maintenance and Replacement

Our commitment to the customer goes beyond manufacturing and installation.

Made to Measure Glass

Tell us what you need and we will adjust your idea to the space available.

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